What Makes A Good Flute Teacher}

Submitted by: Jess C. Tan

Once youve decided that you want to start playing the flute, the first thing you should be thinking about is who you would like to hire to teach you. A good flute teacher is imperative to you becoming a good musician so its worth taking some extra time to research good teachers rather than just opting for the person with the cheapest rate. Lets have a look at some of the qualities you should be looking out for when choosing your teacher.


Obviously, you want your teacher to be an excellent flautist so they will be able to teach you all the requisite skills as well as inspire you in your playing. How to find out how well they can play? Most teachers will have a website advertising their lessons and they will probably include a section on what level of playing they have reached, whether they have attended Music College and a brief CV of their experience (or maybe even a video of them playing!). It is well worth checking out their website to get a taste for their style and level of playing.


Teacher training

Just as important as their playing quality is their actual ability to teach. Im sure youve heard of the clich that musicians are difficult to work with; while thats fine if theyre a singer/songwriter in a successful band, you dont want your teacher to be moody and unpredictable! Look out for a flute teacher who has proper music teaching qualifications and a lot of experience teaching at the level you are playing at. If you are a parent looking for a teacher for your child, be sure to choose someone who has experience teaching children, whereas an advanced flautist whod like lessons to coach them into Music College should look for a teacher who has experience in that arena. Which leads us nicely on to our next point

On your side

Make sure that your teacher is happy to work in whatever direction you wish to work in. If, for instance, you would like to take grade examinations for the flute, ensure that your teacher is happy and qualified to prepare you for your exams. Alternatively, if you decide that you would rather play for pleasure and have no desire to take exams, make sure that your teacher doesnt suddenly start pressurising you into anything you dont want to do. More generally, it is important to hire a teacher who has a personality and teaching style that works well for you; if youre a relaxed player, try and find someone who is a relaxed teacher. Conversely, if you work better in a strictly organised lesson structure, find someone who can offer you that. Some music teachers will offer you a trial lesson before you commit which is a great way of ascertaining whether you think theyll be a good fit for you.

Make no mistake

Make sure that you do your research before you begin your flute lessons so you can find the perfect teacher for you. Not only should they be a good match for your learning style, they should also be a great flautist and a qualified teacher.

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