The Difference Between Composite And Upvc Doors

Doors are an extremely important part of a house. They make the house a home and the kind of door you choose could tell a lot about you and your taste. So, what should you really look for in a door while choosing the right one for yourself?

What is a composite door?

Composite doors have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Most people now recommend you to buy composite doors. But what are they and why are they being preferred? Basically, composite doors are made up of many different materials which are combined together under high pressure. The mixture of so many materials in a composite door gives them added benefits over PVC doors because all the different materials have different properties that contribute to different perks of the door. They have an outer frame, inner frame and a timber core. The outer and inner frames are made up of galvanized steel, GRP- glass reinforced polyester and uPVC elements.

What are UPVC doors?

UPVC doors basically consist of an insulated steel frame covered by UPVC- un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride to strengthen the door and make it more enduring.

Should I buy composite doors or UPVC doors?

The real question is, which one to buy? Are you thinking of making the switch from UPVC doors to composite doors? Let us help you. In this article we have listed down the differences between the two so you can decide for yourself whether to buy composite doors or UPVC ones.

  1. Need something stronger?

Composite doors are much greater in thickness than UPVC doors and the materials made for its manufacture are purposefully chosen for their specific properties. If you choose to buy composite doors of good quality, they will be stronger, more enduring and better able to withstand extreme weather conditions compared to UPVC doors.

  1. The more secure, the better?!

Composite doors offer even greater security than UPVC doors. Although the UPVC doors are also secure, if you buy composite doors, they are much more secure. That is because they are greater in thickness and have a strong framework additionally strengthened by GRP- glass reinforced polymer so any unwanted intrusion becomes highly unlikely. Also, they have a better, more efficient lock system as well.

  1. Need a customized door?

An advantage composite door has over UPVC doors is that you can customize composite doors according to your own wishes. Whether you need a modern composite door, a traditional composite door or need to strike a balance between the old and new, you can have it any way you like and choose your own designs.

  1. Variety

UPVC doors come in lesser colors than composite doors. If you buy composite doors, there’s a lot more to choose from.

  1. Which one is more attractive?

UPVC doors have a plasticky finish to them. Composite doors, however, give the appearance of a wooden timber door and have a woodgrain finish. So, if you buy a composite door, your door will have a classy glossy looking exterior and look more attractive and appealing.

  1. Maintenance

In all honesty, both are low maintenance doors with not much required except the occasional oiling and repainting every few years. Just clean them with a damp cloth to wipe out the dirt and they will be just as new.

  1. Which lasts longer?

Composite doors might last up to 30 to 35 years with proper care while UPVC doors usually last around 20 to 25 years. We are aware that price is a big deciding point, but it’s a one-time investment that will last for years.

  1. Composite door- a better thermal insulator?

Although both doors are good thermal insulators, composite door is a better thermal insulator than a UPVC door. This is because a composite door is made up of insulation material and is also thicker allowing heat to stay in and cold to stay out during chilly weather and the opposite when it is sunny.

  1. Which one is more expensive?

Well, from the advantages composite doors have over UPVC door, it is fairly easy to deduce that they are pricier. Obviously, the cost represents all the work done behind making it and the number of materials used. However, we think they offer a better value for money as they are long lasting, are resistant to extreme weather conditions, are thicker, stronger and offer better security.

  1. Front door accessories

There is no difference in the accessories you choose for your door whether you buy composite doors or UPVC doors. Pick whatever lock, handle or knocker you like and fix it on your door regardless of the door type.


Basically, composite doors are more attractive, available in more colors, more enduring, long lasting, offer greater security, better resistant to extreme weather and better thermal insulators than UPVC doors. Both doors, however cost very little to maintain and clean and can be decorated with any front door accessory that suits your wishes.