Restaurants And Bars In Lagos

Restaurants and Bars In lagos


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Thousands of tourists booking their cheap flights to Lagos enjoy their holidays with plentiful luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs in the beautiful city for entertainment and leisure. The Lagos culture can pride on its hospitality and individuality. The experience of dining feast in Lagos is really a joyous party. Numerous restaurants and bars of Lagos present a range of local Nigerian cuisine and international delicacies. Generally, most of the Nigerian cuisines are consisting of a stuffy scrap and a paste or soup flooded with fish, snails, meat or mushrooms. Some of the Popular Restaurants and Bars of Lagos are:

Abibiz Restaurant

Afi s Restaurant

Albasha Restaurant


All Seasons Restaurant

Anis Restaurant

Appetizers Restaurant

Casa Del Habano

The outside look of this bar seems not to be great but once you enter inside it looks like a house having the best cognacs and champagnes in Lagos. Salsa and meringue music fills the club while dancers hit the dance floor to show off their moves. Tourists visiting this bar by booking their

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enjoy a smoke at the bar and have a cocktail in this beautiful bar which is located in Lagoon Plaza.

Nu Grotto

This bar has been renamed as earlier its name was Da Grotto. This bar is located on Victoria Island and the entertainment provided here is a variety for different ages from 25 to 58. Different blends of music like Karaoke, DJs and live bands make up the fun atmosphere. This trendy club features an exotic ambiance inside to set the night for visitors to the club. Delicious food and fun provides any traveler an evening of entertainment.

Saipan Bar

This bar is a modern Chinese restaurant bar and is located on Dream Plaza on Victorian Island. The travelers visiting this bar by their cheap flights to Lagos enjoy the ambient atmosphere while sipping on wine, beer, coffee or cocktails. Champagnes are also available and the well-known fusion house cocktail is liked by most of the travelers visiting this bar for the very first time in their life..

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