Breast Cosmetic Surgery At Akruti

Breast Cosmetic Surgery at Akruti



Many people wonder if breast reduction surgery can be a right choice


for them they need to analyze that there would be few factors that they need to think a while before then plan ahead. If you have huge breasts that cause back, neck pain, bad contour to your body and respiratory problems then the right answer should going ahead for a breast reduction surgery. Huge breasts layouts a great stress on the body and makes it difficult for the women to go ahead and lead an active life. Breast reduction improves one’s posture as well increases their self confidence. Today we see a large number of women opting out this surgery in India as well as worldwide. The surgery removes the excess fat, skin and tissue present and adjusts the nipple to a new location. The cosmetic surgeon who would be involved this surgical procedure would re-contour your breast and tries to give it a lift and a more natural look .Post surgery this procedure recommends 12 hours of stay at Akruti Institute of plastic and cosmetic surgery .There would be a bit of pain for 4-9 days. One can return to work within 14 days after the surgery .Breast reduction is one procedure which most people try to check with before marriage or after delivery. Before you go ahead for planning your breast surgery do check with the cosmetic surgeon’s experience, success rate his certifications (Example: Is he/she an ISAPS Certified Member) and the testimonials of the previous patients. Though in India many people look ahead for a female cosmetic surgeon as they feel shy to go ahead before a male cosmetic surgeon .It is always important that you check with the surgeons qualification and his success rate rather than checking with the gender of the surgeon. As only a successful surgeon would know how to craft good breast line. The cost that would be involved in this surgical procedure would depend upon the surgeon who performs the surgery,his expertise,Clinic Infrastructure and the number of hours it takes to perform a surgical procedure and the number of sessions it can take for the procedure to happen. Breast reduction surgery is generally seen as a costly affair in European and American Market thereby many people opt to carry out this surgery in Asian Countries. India off-late has been growing ahead as the cosmetic hub of the world where in you tend to see certified plastic surgeon’s carrying out the cosmetic surgical procedures. If you have any concerns about breast feeding post surgery then we would recommend you to speak with the surgeon directly so that he/she would analyze the surgery that can be involved and would be able to estimate the things. Breast reduction is sometimes accompanied by liposuction in order to get the best results .We would like to inform that a successful breast reduction can happen only when you are satisfied with your breast contour thereby we suggest you to discuss with the surgeon before the surgery about the expectations you have from this procedure.

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