A Place Of Hope Pioneers “Whole Person” Treatment For Depression

A Place Of Hope Pioneers “Whole Person” Treatment For Depression


Greg Jantz

Are you suffering from depression and in need of mental health help? Depression can literally grind your life to a halt, and the longer you wait to seek depression treatment the worse it can become. At The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc., A Place of Hope, we believe that help for depression should embody help for not only the mind but also the body and spirit. This approach is known as a “whole-person approach,” and it is one that A Place of Hope’s depression treatment center has pioneered to rave reviews and outstanding results. What precisely does “whole-person” therapy consist of, and how can it change your life for the better?

The whole-person approach to treatment is designed to address all of the unique aspects of one’s life, including:

* Emotional well-being

* Physical health

* Spiritual peace

* Relational happiness


* Intellectual growth

* Nutritional vitality

If any of these areas of your life are lacking it can affect your emotional well-being, and be part of the cause of your depression. In order to address these areas in a comprehensive fashion, A Place of Hope has assembled a recovery team consisting of:

* Psychologists

* Licensed counselors

* Medical personnel

* Board certified psychiatrists

* Dieticians

* Social workers

* Depression experts

* Marriage and family therapists

* Massage therapists

* RNs

* Fitness trainers

As you can see, no stone is left unturned as it pertains to addressing the issues in your life that have led to feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness in your life. Best of all, A Place of Hope’s treatment program focuses on the individual, recognizing the unique circumstances in every case and personalizing the treatment experience with these circumstances in mind.

There is no quick fix when it comes to depression. Treatment that doesn’t address the core issues at the heart one’s depression is merely a temporary fix, and you deserve more. A Place of Hope believes integrative medicine, whole-person care is the most effective way to experience full recovery and healing, and the results speak for themselves.

What’s most important is to recognize that you are not alone, and that the capacity to embrace hope again is within you. Reach out for the help you need, and consider the benefits the whole-person approach to healing pioneered at A Place of Hope may hold for you.

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A Place Of Hope Pioneers “Whole Person” Treatment For Depression